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Testing is not always Black & WhitenFocus1/12/2021
AzureFunBytes - A Guide to Skills Measured for the Azure Fundamentals Exam (AZ - 900)Azure DevOps Blog1/11/2021
Top Stories from the Microsoft DevOps Community - 2021.01.08Azure DevOps Blog1/8/2021
Group By Tags for Chart WidgetAzure DevOps Blog1/7/2021
Publishing Azure Container Instances from Docker CLIAzure DevOps Blog1/7/2021
Integrate Azure DevOps work items into your work search results (Microsoft Bing)Wes MacDonald1/6/2021
Posting Azure DevOps Workitem creation/updates to the Teams ChannelAzure DevOps Guide1/6/2021
Inserting Shared Steps in a TestCase | Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps Guide1/6/2021
Editing the Shared Step in Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps Guide1/6/2021
Creating Shared Steps in Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps Guide1/5/2021
Assigning Testers to a TestPlan in Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps Guide1/5/2021
DevOps Testing ProcessnFocus1/5/2021
Using GitHub Actions with Azure Machine Learning For A Great CI/CD ExperienceJim Szubryt1/5/2021
Do You Know The Microsoft Developer AdvocatesJim Szubryt1/5/2021
Jan 2021 Chicago Azure User Group: Empower Employees With Microsoft Virtual DesktopJim Szubryt1/5/2021
Importing TestSuites from a TestPlanAzure DevOps Guide1/4/2021
Export TestCases to Excel/CSV in Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps Guide1/4/2021
Deleting TestCases in Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps Guide1/4/2021
AzureFunBytes - CI/CD on Windows with the Azure DevOps Starter KitAzure DevOps Blog1/4/2021
Editing the TestCases in the Grid in Azure DevOpsAzure DevOps Guide1/2/2021

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